UK marketing and sales salary guide 2024

Welcome to our latest salary guide – based on a survey of marketing, communications, digital and sales professionals across the UK.

Our salary guides support marketing and sales professionals, along with HR teams, across all sectors by providing accurate salary benchmarking. Working with our extensive network gives us valuable insight into hiring trends and candidate insights across marketing and sales recruitment within the UK.

2023 was a year of consolidation for many marketing functions across the UK, with recruitment considerable slower than the year before. While this stability was expected after the hiring boom of 2022, teams are focusing more on strategic hires than drastically growing headcount.

Salary expectations stabilised in 2023, aligning with a shift in employee priorities and overall market normalisation. Negotiations often aim to balance salaries with rising living costs, while benefits like flexible working arrangements still play a key role.

In this guide you’ll find more recruitment trends and statistics, a look ahead throughout 2024 and beyond, and salary benchmarking.



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