My #CarterMurrayJourney – Oumama Syassi

Author Oumama Syassi
July 18, 2023

A passionate marketeer by education and background

Having lived in different countries and being fluent in Arabic, French, and English, I have developed a multicultural background that has shaped my perspective on life. For me, Dubai is the perfect melting pot to reside in and conduct business from, given its diverse and vibrant environment. My led moto in life is to be the best version of myself in all aspects of life and that includes excelling at my job, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and being the best mother, I can be.

I have always been passionate about the world of marketing, and I am a marketeer by education and background and in recruitment, while I hire C-Suite the most across different industries, Marketing holds a special place in my heart and continues to be my primary focus.

“Marketing holds a special place in my heart and continues to be my primary focus.”

I hold two master’s degrees, one in strategic and organisational consulting and another in international business and marketing. My career journey began in the field of marketing and communications, where I gained valuable experience in the first five years. Subsequently, I transitioned to the recruitment industry, specialising in sales and marketing roles. I started my career with a renowned manufacturer of construction and mining equipment,, where for three years, I had the opportunity to manage North and Central Africa, focusing on performance marketing. This role allowed me to develop a strong understanding of marketing strategies and their implementation in the region. Then, I moved to Belgium into a consulting firm, doing business development, communication and event management for corporation and development projects funded by international donors, mainly the European Commission, focusing on the EU Southern neighbourhood in Levant and Africa, part of my job also involved hiring experts and training beneficiaries. From there, I had a glimpse of what recruitment looked like and I loved it.

“I had a glimpse of what recruitment looked like and I loved it.”

Recruitment by chance that became a choice

My recruitment career started by chance when I was in contact with a recruitment agency regarding a potential marketing role. The consultant shared the need to hire a recruitment sales and marketing consultant for Africa, which is where my career was focused. This is when I moved back to Casablanca, to join a leading recruitment firm. As Manager, I specialised in sales and marketing recruitment for French-speaking Africa. There, I fell in love with recruitment. With a desire to explore a larger and more dynamic recruitment market, Dubai had always been on my radar. Joining Carter Murray, a team of sales and marketing specialists, was a natural and exciting transition for me.

At Carter Murray, we are a specialist brand and the latest band created under The SR Group which brings immense growth potential and the opportunity to shape our own unique narrative, especially in this part of the world. Working at Carter Murray has indeed allowed my entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. I was given the freedom to explore and implement ideas and lead the team, backed by an amazing mentor who trusted me, Shane Morton, and the multinational support of the organisation. I feel, there is still much to be achieved, for Carter Murray and The SR Group in the Middle East, where the market presents a wealth of opportunities.

Another part of what I love about recruitment is that it is a profession that offers a meritocratic environment where individuals can succeed based on their skills and performance. Recruitment combines elements of numbers, business development and revenue generation, and also human connection and relationship development. A mix that suits my personality.

In recruitment, you must be aware of the socioeconomic changes in different parts of the world and how that could affect your market. Recruiters have a different understanding of the economy and have a macroeconomic view on different industries We are first informed on new market trends, skills change, technologies and innovation. Every day is in fact different as we deal with a diversity of stakeholders. Recruitment is a learning process – one that never stops. There’s always something to learn.

“Recruitment is a learning process – one that never stops. There’s always something to learn.”

Practising what we preach

At Carter Murray, the environment is made of experts and mature recruiters. Working at the Dubai office surrounded by individuals who are high performers is always contagious and inspiring. The office represents people from different nationalities and from different walks of life. We respect each other and embrace a true family spirit. Recruitment can be individualistic, yet at Carter Murray we align forces. Someone else’s win is a win for the whole team. We truly represent the SR Group’s corporate values; agile, collaborative, and expert.

“Someone else’s win is a win for the whole team.”

My advice to you

Recruitment needs consistency and passion. In the first few months, you need to put in the hard work. Do your sourcing and admin during the calm hours and be on the phone throughout the day. The more you’re on the phone – the more you learn. Knowledge brings trust and trust makes you earn more credibility, insurance and money. Don’t just leap into recruitment for the monthly salary using average efforts – push yourself to achieve bonuses. Every quarter should start by having a revenue target. Reaching thresholds is not what we work for.

“The more you’re on the phone – the more you learn.”

Stress management and resilience don’t come naturally, so learn to implement healthy behaviours throughout your career. Consistency is what can help you achieve a healthy work routine. For the first twelve months, make those calls, inquire about the roles you’re hiring for and speak to seniors. Also, be prepared before every call. Recruitment also comes with data mining and research so learn enough to make the person on the other end of the line feel that you are an expert and you do speak the same language.

“Learn enough to make the person on the other end of the line feel that you are an expert.”

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