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Specialist Recruitment - Tech & B2B
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Combining global reach with regional expertise, we solve complex senior hiring challenges to help clients navigate disruption and achieve transformation.

Our specialist marketing & commercial team recruit across a diverse number of industry verticals within Technology and B2B. We are a team of recruitment experts and tech entrepreneurs, perfectly placed to advise businesses on how to build and structure marketing and commercial teams for success.

Carter Murray is uniquely placed within the market as the only specialist global recruitment business with regional expertise. Our team work with both business owners and department heads to solve complex senior hiring challenges as their industries navigate disruption, transformation and change.

Our Global Clients

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    The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business news organisations, is recognised intern...

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    Groupe SEB Moulinex SAS designs and manufactures household electric appliances. The Company offer...

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    TransferWise Ltd. provides international money transfer services. The company enables users to se...

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    Diligent Corporation, known as Diligent, is a software service company that enables board members...

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    Informa is a multinational events and publishing company with its head office in London; it has o...

  • W1siziisijiwmtgvmdivmdevmtyvmzuvmzqvmziyl2xvz28tmi5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisije3mhg3nvx1mdazyyjdxq

    iRobot Corporation is a consumer robot company, which is engaged in designing and building robots...


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