Saudi Vision 2030: To infinity and beyond!

Author Charlotte Hamlet
June 20, 2023

If you’re in the Middle East or interested in the region, you’ll probably have heard of Vision 2030. It is the transformation of Saudi from an economy reliant upon oil and gas to an economy with multiple ‘pillars’. The idea has been around for almost a decade with enormous transformations happening across every industry and sector.

The Pillars represent 11 key areas for economic growth in Saudi.

  1. Quality of Life Program
  2. Human Capability Development Program
  3. Public Investment Fund Program
  4. Privatisation Program
  5. Pilgrim Experience Program
  6. National Transformation Program
  7. National Industrial Development and Logistics Program
  8. Housing Program
  9. Health Sector Transformation Program
  10. Fiscal Sustainability Program
  11. Financial Sector Development Program

We’ll focus on the first two programs in this article. Carter Murray Middle East is heavily focused on the Quality of Life program and the Human Capability development program which we’ve been helping Saudi achieve its Vision 2030 goals for the last four years.

The Quality of Life Program “aims to improve the individual and families’ quality of life by creating the necessary environment to develop and support new liveable and lifestyle options in Saudi Arabia” (Quality of Life – Vision 2030). If you’re in touch with what is happening in Saudi you probably have seen the changes over the last several years to women’s rights, visa advancements and flexible working environments. The Program covers much more than this with culture, tourism, sports and urban activities being a key development area for not just those living in Saudi but those visiting from outside of the country.

Key giga projects such as NEOM, The Royal Commission for AlUla and Diriyah Company are paving the way to encouraging a higher quality of life for residents and tourists alike. Carter Murray has partnered with these organisations to help them achieve success in their respected sectors from hiring the Executive Director of Destination Marketing through to CX Specialists and Partnership Managers.

At the same time we’re naturally able to support The Human Capability Development Program which “aims to ensure that Saudi citizens have the required capabilities to compete globally by instilling values and developing basic and future skills, as well as enhancing knowledge.” (Human Capability Development Program – Vision 2030). We’re incredibly proud to work with the youth of Saudi who are starting out in their careers during this incredibly exciting time as well as those who are experienced professionals looking for their next career advancing opportunity. We’ve placed Saudi National candidates into roles from the Executive level all the way through to entry positions with a special focus on the mid-senior management professionals.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the 11 pillars under Vision 2030 the Vision 2030 website offers an in-depth look into what’s happening throughout the country. (Vision Realization Program – Vision 2030)

If you’re looking to expand your professional experience with a move to Saudi, or if you’re currently in the Kingdom and open to your next career opportunity – please reach out to the Carter Murray team and we can help you to find your next role within some of the best organisations.