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Author Patrick Sommerfelt
July 5, 2024

At Carter Murray, we help businesses attract and retain the right sales professionals so they can compete at a fast pace and deliver exceptional customer value.

It’s my role to support businesses in the UK’s commerce and industry sectors (which we consider to be anything outside of professional or financial services).

I help companies find experienced sales candidates (from Sales Managers to Vice Presidents of Sales) and partnership professionals to strategically generate revenue and grow their business.

Employers are always looking for the best sales talent on the market and often ask us how they can attract candidates – but many of these professionals aren’t actively looking for a new job. According to LinkedIn, 70% of the world’s candidates are passive but an incredible 94% of them are open to moving for the right opportunity.

So how can you find the right sales talent for your business?

Finding and attracting sales talent

According to LinkedIn, mid to senior level sales professionals in the UK are changing jobs after just 2.2 years on average. While the majority of these candidates aren’t actively job-searching, this data shows that they’re likely to consider a change.

Many actively job-seeking professionals might not have the right skillsets or experience for the role you’re filling, so it’s important you’re able to tap into the passive market.

One of the many benefits of using a recruitment consultancy is access to our candidate network. We aim to support professionals throughout their career to their most senior positions, and we build unique relationships with each candidate so we can really listen to what they’re looking for in their next role.

We also connect with and headhunt sales talent outside of our candidate network via recruitment tools, external networks and referrals via professionals we’ve placed.

The risk and cost of hiring the wrong person

The predicted cost of replacing an employee starts at 30% of their salary, including expenses such as recruiter fees, interim replacement employees and reduced productivity. This can reach as high as 200% for senior employees.

Particularly when budgets are under scrutiny, many businesses resort to direct hiring when replacing an employee. But considering these substantial replacement costs, it’s more cost effective to use a recruitment consultancy throughout the initial hiring process so you can find the right person first time round.

Another downside of direct hiring is the time and money spent on recruitment activities within your business. According to a survey by Indeed, a quarter of UK businesses spend up to 10 hours a week just scheduling interviews. Employers are dedicating a third (33%) of their hiring budget on administrative tasks and it’s taking decision makers over six hours a week to do this sort of work, including CV screening (56%), candidate sourcing (55%) and candidate assessment (55%).

That’s why we recommend outsourcing to a specialist recruitment consultancy like Carter Murray to take on these burdens, even if you continue the direct approach simultaneously.

The benefits of Carter Murray

There are many ways we can help your search for sales talent:

  • Salary benchmarking: Accurate benchmarking of total compensation helps businesses offer appropriate and realistic salaries to candidates. They should adapt their ranges along with the market from year to year if they want to entice the talent they need. We provide accurate and up-to-date salary benchmarking in our UK salary guides.
  • Listening: As a boutique consultancy, we take the time to listen to your needs. You can engage with us at the start of your search and we can help tailor your job description depending on your requirements. If you already have a description, we’ll make sure we fully understand exactly what you’re looking for and approach those candidates for you – providing shortlists with a quick turnaround
  • Tailored guidance: Our experience and expertise in the recruitment market helps us give suggestions around your candidate search – such as hiring processes, candidate insights and trends, and ever-changing compensation preferences.

You can complete our form to discuss your hiring needs or anything else.

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