UK marketing salary guide and trends – 2023

This year’s focus is on proving the value of marketing.  

Marketing is often overlooked as a revenue generating function and can be misunderstood when it comes to return on investment (ROI) and justifying its value for business’s goals and strategies.  

The UK’s economic climate is driving more scrutiny over budgets for businesses. Many marketing functions will be feeling the pressure when it comes to proving their value and achieving sign-off for growing or upskilling their teams.

We all know that 2022 saw a boom in the job market as professionals chose to change employers post-pandemic but now we face economic uncertainty.

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The perception of marketing

In our survey of UK marketing professionals, we discovered an intriguingly balanced perspective: half of respondents believe their marketing function is seen as a cost centre while the remaining 50% feel recognised as a revenue generator.  

What people want from their marketing roles

A quarter of our respondents changed roles in the last six months with just 11% staying in roles between five and ten years. We asked our respondents across all specialisms what drove them to change roles to find out why. It’s no surprise that salary was the main driver. We’re seeing candidates make decisions to explore new opportunities to increase their total compensation.

Proving the value of marketing

It was positive to see nearly half our respondents track the ROI of their marketing activities. 6% are unsure if they do and 23% don’t at all, but it’s promising that a quarter are working on this.

To find out more, we asked which marketing channels
respondents track ROI on most.

Read our full guide to delve further into the main drivers for marketing professionals changing roles and compare changes in salary, bonuses and benefits across a number of sectors.

You can also read about the greatest challenges marketing functions face when it comes to tracking ROI, and how upskilling and recruiting could help you face those challenges when it comes to proving the value of your function.


Carter Murray is part of The SR Group, alongside Brewer MorrisFrazer Jones, Keller West and Taylor Root.