Finding the right interim role in an unpredictable market 

November 15, 2022

Interim market insights – November 2022 

I often get asked how the UK’s interim market is performing and my answer can change every few weeks because of the market’s unpredictability right now.  

We seem to be all go-one minute and then it seems to be on a go-slow the next. Economic uncertainty has a large part to play in this as businesses don’t know if they can go full steam ahead with recruitment or should hold off until the market stabilises.  

My advice to interim professionals job seeking in an uncertain market:  

  1. Find the right recruitment partner to help you 
  1. Decide what you need from an employer 
  1. Consider your short-term and long-term plan 

The right partner 

Over the years, I have come to understand and work with the up-and-down nature of interim recruitment but it’s certainly extreme in the current climate. This means we are even better prepared when we get the call to help!  

To navigate this uncertainty, it’s crucial for interim professionals to partner with a specialist recruiter and take the time to decide what you are looking for. 

Consider what you need from an employer 

There are so many variables involved in the opportunities we offer, which can create obstacles when weighing up whether a role is right for you. For example, you might prefer a hybrid working model that isn’t offered.  

Even if obstacles feel small, these aspects of life can have a bigger impact further down the process. 

Some of our candidates will begin their job search and only then realise how many things they must consider – so it is our job to discuss these as early as possible. 

I personally work on a hybrid basis for a very flexible and understanding employer, but some businesses might not be suitable for candidates who prefer particular ways of working.   

Where do you want to work? 

Locations are still an important factor despite the new working world.  

Many of our conversations now centre around managing expectations on both sides of the table regarding working hours, office presence and working from home.  

We receive a lot of applications from all areas of the globe offering their services on a fully remote basis, but these will be rare and normally stated upfront where possible. 

Home vs. back to the office  

There are some clients that expect their employees to attend the office five days a week. We expected this to be resisted more than it has been. 

Yes, there are some people who are completely averse to going back to this way of working. Then there are others that have missed interaction with colleagues and clients – especially in the events industry where many of our clients are people-facing and work longer hours. 

Short-term and long-term benefits 

Moving forward, we expect the interim market to continue to thrive whilst employers struggle to find the talent they need on a permanent basis.  

With a skills shortage and so many unfilled permanent vacancies, interim recruitment can be a great solution. It can even lead to filling the permanent position if both parties are happy to make a more committed arrangement.  

With economic uncertainty, it also suits many employers to recruit a contractor for the duration of a project – knowing they will not be committed for longer than they can afford to. 

Get in touch 

If you are in the market for an interim role or are an employer looking for a specialist contractor, then please get in touch for a confidential conversation. 

We work across marketing, sales, communications, digital and investor relations recruitment, so can offer you a one-stop solution across these areas.  

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