Top tips on keeping your mental and physical health in shape while working remotely

March 8, 2020

With an extraordinary amount of workers now having to work remotely for at least a few weeks, there is greater importance on keeping your physical and mental health in shape.

Whilst the majority of people can work remotely for a day to two, to work consecutive weeks remotely has its challenges. The lack of physical interaction, the restrictions on the amount of times people can leave their house and, working and living in the same space all bring challenges that we’re not accustomed to.

As well as keeping a business as usual approach, keeping our staff’s mental and physical wellbeing is paramount to Carter Murray. Whilst everyone’s circumstances are unique, we have provided the following guidance to our staff and thought these tips may help you as well.

1. Create a new morning routine

Replace the morning commute with yoga, meditation, breathing exercise or a quick 30 minute in door workout.

2. Create a working environment that suites you.

Some people are fortunate enough to have an home office but for those who do not we’d recommend that you set aside an area in your house or apartment that is comfortable, well-lit with natural light and ventilation. Consider changing your working area week-by-week if variation helps to keep things feeling a little different. If you are co-working with a friend, partner or family member, consider working by yourself on alternating day, again to mix things up.

You need to create a space that you feel comfortable and productive in. The smallest of changes can make a difference.

3. Have regular, good quality communication

Within an open plan office it’s easy to talk over desks and have informal chats. However, working from home doesn’t have that luxury (unless your luck enough to have a colleague who is your family member or partner).

With others adapting to remote working as well, communication many not be as frequent as normal so it’s important to have good quality discussions where possible.

Having regular catch-ups with team member is also great for keeping communication informative and also keeping morale up. If you can video call then seeing a colleagues face may brighten your day.

If you manage a team then have group video calls on a regular basis.

4. Keep your work and home life separate.

With your home now your temporary office it’s quite easy and tempting to check emails more often and work longer house as you may feel pressured to be seen as working more. It’s important to stick to your normal routine as much as you can. Set times that you work and times that you relax. If possible, go for a walk, run or some form of exercise – adhere to the government’s advice on exercising once a day. Treat your day at home as you would your normal day at work, take tea breaks away from your working space. A change in scenery can make a difference.

5. If you’re finding it challenging, tell your manager.

This is a challenging time for everyone and businesses understand this. If you are finding working from home a challenge, open up to your manager. Whilst they may not have the answer straight away the fact that you’ve told someone may relax you.

We hope these tips help you.

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