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Social Purpose Agenda

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Our social purpose programme enables us to leverage the incredible marketing & commercial network that we have built over the years and fully utilise the established resources we have available. We developed the agenda to have measurable results that positively impact our society and enhance individual personal development.

The work that we do to support the sector provides real-time practical solutions to very current challenges. We spend lots of time in the sector, consulting with charity leaders and listening to experts who have advised on key priority areas. Encouraging cross-sector collaboration and reducing the gap between the sectors is at the centre of our social purpose agenda – we want you to be a part of that journey.

marketing & commercial Volunteer network

This is a free initiative and aims to support small charities with limited budgets. The platform that we have created connects the marketing & commercial professionals in our volunteer network who want to give their time and skills to small charities. This much needed expertise helps organisations grow and achieve more.

Find out more about the voluntary sector.


Our Partnership with Reach

Reach is the leading skills-based volunteering charity in the UK, connecting people, skills and good causes.  

Our partnership enables us to offer even more volunteering
opportunities to our marketing & commercial community.

Here you will find the latest trustee and pro bono vacancies offered through Reach which you can sign up to directly. Please note that Reach will notify us that you have done so, so that we may keep in touch with you and find out how you are getting on.

Read our interview with Janet Thorne, CEO, Reach Volunteering to find out more about our partnership.

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trusteeships & Pro Bono Opportunities through Carter murray

We understand that a trusteeship is one of the most important voluntary roles in the charity sector. Building board capacity and skill set is a priority within the sector, and opening access to board members beyond the charity’s immediate network encourages diversity.

There are many small charities supporting unique causes who could really benefit from your time and skills in a Trustee capacity.

Find out more about becoming a trustee, and the five career benefits of trusteeship.

Trusteeships & Pro bono opportunities through carter murray

pro bono support

We believe in the value of skills-based volunteering and aim to offer a range of different opportunities that can accommodate your area of expertise, level of commitment and available time.

We can help you utilise your volunteering days, from short-term one-off projects such as support with CRM integrations, marketing & sales strategy and digital marketing, all the way through to free telephone advice on a range of marketing & commercial matters.

Pro bono support

Our space is your space


Due to COVID19, our London office is currently closed so we are unable to offer our space to charities until further notice.

We invite charities of all shapes and sizes to use our office space for external meetings, away days and events for no cost. This continues to be one of our most popular initiatives; we love the impact that this has on the charities we support. In the last year we have supported 35 trustee meetings, 200 training events and are saving the sector over £100k a year.

This is a simple concept that we encourage all our clients to embrace, if you would like guidance on setting up a similar initiative let us know.


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Support for your charity

If you are a small charity looking to develop your Trustee board or have a short term marketing or commercial pro bono opportunity please click here to email our social purpose team. Once we have spoken or met with you we will circulate the details to our volunteers and encourage them to get in touch with you.

Support on your journey

We can support you on your journey to becoming a trustee and/or providing pro bono support. We’ll keep in regular contact with you about opportunities coming from both Reach, and those that we get directly. You’ll become part of our network and we’ll share good news stories with you. Click here to join.

Tony Leach

Tony Leach


Thank you for being part of the solution in our search for an extraordinary candidate for our Board of Trustees.

Carmen Lindsay

Carmen Lindsay


Thank you for your support and providing the opportunities for organisation like CASP to have access to Pro Bono HR professional support which many small and medium organisations in the voluntary sector are struggling to receive.

Xanthe Swift

Xanthe Swift

We have had a great response and have been really impressed with the offers of help. Your network has been a really useful contact for us so many thanks.

Nishaat Jahan

Nishaat Jahan


I just wanted to say again how amazing this initiative is that you've set up and I am really happy to be part of the project. 

Claire Bavister

Claire Bavister

Corporate Partnerships Manager

I just wanted to say thanks again so much for yesterday – we had a really productive session and the room and lunch was so fantastic – we really struggle to find spaces to get out of the office and take some time to step back and think about things strategically like we did yesterday.