Consumer & Retail Market Report | 2020: Skill sets in demand

November 8, 2020

We are excited to launch our Consumer & Retail market report 2020. With this year presenting unprecedented challenges for the consumer and retail sector, we at Carter Murray wanted to understand how marketing functions were affected, how they responded and what skill sets will be the most important in the months ahead, across all the jurisdictions we operate in. Below is a snippet from the report.

Skill sets in demand

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses which presented setbacks for some but increased demand for others. Either way, recruitment has been impacted considerably. That being said, the skill sets in demand haven’t hugely changed from 2019, there has just been even more of a focus on digital.

Throughout 2020 several e-commerce businesses have seen record-breaking results even through the global pandemic. With this in mind, the hiring focus has continued to be on a number of different digital skill sets. Our consultants speak with candidates and clients working in these high demand areas on a daily basis resulting in us being able to identify the most highly demand skill sets in the market in real-time.

1. Digital marketing

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge rise in the demand for digital marketers globally as digital marketing is embedded in our everyday lives. Companies, especially those within the retail consumer sectors, have shifted spend from traditional marketing to digital, making recruitment within digital marketing extremely competitive. The best digital marketers who can demonstrate track records of getting fantastic ROI market share and engagement will be the highest in demand.

2. Digital performance

This is one of the most sought-after skills within marketing as the candidates with this experience can maximise the marketing budget and bottom line. Apps are part of today’s retail experience and they will only become more engrained in customers daily lives, therefore companies with mobile apps are focussing on performance marketing to encourage app downloads and subsequently revenue. There is a bigger focus on digital performance within tech, food and e-commerce. Tech companies, in particular, are recruiting more digital performance specialists.

3. Data Scientists

Data has and always will be the key to being able to make excellent marketing decisions. With more data being collected and available to marketing teams than ever before, data analysis and the ability to be able to present and visualise this within consumer and retail businesses is a key part of any marketing team. Data scientists are needed to help with predictions without having to bring in external help, and from conversations with many CMO’s, it continues to be an important skill set to their teams.

4. Content

Content is still a huge factor in the success of so many businesses. It’s not just about the copy, it’s about innovative, competitive pieces of media and campaigns that gets their customers engaged and ultimately creates ROI. A good content writer understands how everything fits together, from the SEO and algorithms to keywords it’s all about quality and having the greatest impact on a company’s marketing strategy.

5. E-commerce analytics

As the high street has evolved in the past few years and many retailers have changed their approach to omnichannel, the role of analytics has become even more important. Online retail is continuing to grow and businesses are looking for versatile candidates that have a great understanding of the digital marketing mix and can spot trends quickly so that action can be taken to create an uplift in revenue.

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Global Consumer and Retail Marketing Report 2020

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