What are the most in-demand skillsets in the Fintech space?

October 11, 2018

Ian Jenkins asked his followers on Twitter recently to submit questions around recruitment in the financial technology sector. Tony Graham asks, “What are the most in-demand skillsets in the Fintech space?” Watch Ian’s response here.

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Hi, I’m Ian Jenkins and I am the Head of Carter Murray here in the Middle East. We cover marketing, commercial and especially digital recruitment for financial technology firms. I asked on Twitter recently on whether anyone in the region had any questions about recruitment in the financial technology sector. 

Tony Graham from Accenture sent me a question; he asked what I thought were the most in-demand skillsets in the Fintech space and what Fintech businesses needed to do to attract talent with those skills. 

I think being customer focused is key for a lot of financial technology firms. The core skillsets that they are struggling to find at the moment are primarily the technical coding. What do they need to do to attract that talent here to the Middle East? Well I think that is an interesting question. 

The nicest thing about working in a technological advanced, digital business is that you don’t necessarily have to be in the office 9 to 5. So, whilst there are things like a good package (salary, bonuses etc.), nice working environment like the offices that you can do to attract this talent. 

What I encourage a lot of people to do is to think with a broader geography in mind. Can I find this talent in London and encourage it to work from here in the Middle East, either by relocating it or virtually? Could I do the same in central eastern Europe on the Indian sub-continent? 

There’s a wide range of talent available and one of the areas that Carter Murray specialises in is relocating talent globally and working with clients to help them understand different ways that they can flexibly employ talent.