Finding the perfect match for UK businesses and interim marketing professionals

August 8, 2023

What is the demand like for interims? What are you seeing in your markets?

There has been an increase in demand for contractors due to uncertainty in the market, particularly across financial services. A lot of this has come from a struggle to recruit permanently, structural changes and to help support with projects or fill gaps until a decision around permanent recruitment has been made. Financial services are experiencing an increase in demand, particularly in investment management, insurance, private equity and wealth/asset management.

How do you and your team help businesses find and recruit freelance/interim professionals?

I regularly connect with digital, marketing and communications specialists to help them secure their next contract. This helps us move quickly when businesses need contract/freelance support as we know when they are available and what they are looking for. We run events and webinars to keep our candidate network engaged and updated on who we are working with. We have extensive access to search tools and technology to help find the best talent in the market.

How do businesses benefit from hiring interims?

Interim can be a cost and time-saving exercise on recruitment. The time spent searching and interviewing for a permanent hire can all add up with the ongoing financial cost of keeping them including holiday pay, benefits and sick days. An interim hire can be much more time and cost-effective with companies saving thousands each year, as they only pay for the days they work – creating a higher return on investment.

How do you and your team help interim professionals find the right employer?

We work with our interim professionals to identify the businesses they want to work with and will proactively engage with them to identify suitable opportunities. We also partner with some of the best businesses in their respective industries who will have access to our pools of talent.

How do employees benefit from taking interim roles?

Interim roles give employees a variety of experience across businesses and industries. It gives them the freedom and flexibility to move if they want to or stay if there is the option to. Contractors will likely earn a higher pay rate than a permanent staff member, as they will be brought in to add value and hit the ground running in a shorter timeframe.

How can you help our existing clients in the interim space?

We support our existing clients with interim solutions whilst they search for a permanent hire. If there are any projects that need specialist support then our existing clients have access to our pool of candidates to help them. We can use our relationship and experience working with them to ensure we find the best contractor for them.

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