Why is apple so cool?

Why is Apple so cool?

Why is Apple so cool?

Jack Hibberd market intelligence, Market Insight

Apple has been named as the coolest brand in Britain for the third year running.

The CoolBrands list for 2014-15 saw the smartphone manufacturer emerge on top, with Twitter the big loser after it dropped out of the top 20.

Concerns have been raised recently that Apple was losing some of its momentum, but the company has shown the folly of such statements by cementing its place as the number one brand in the country.

CoolBrands Council chairman Stephen Cheliotis was glad to see that new blood made it onto the list - Instagram and Netflix both entered the top 20 for the first time - but pointed out a strong showing from established businesses shows that the list is about more than "fads and short-term reputational success".

Indeed, he labelled Apple as "untouchable for now", with its recent iPhone 6 set to keep it in the public domain. But why is Apple so cool?

Brand storytelling

What Apple does better than most is underpin its branding with a story. By making an emotional connection with its customers, it gets a higher level of buy-in and their customers are therefore are more likely to become brand advocates. Indeed, it topped the recent Aesop 2014 Brand Storytelling Report.

Visual marketing

A major part of Apple's branding is visual, as its iconic designs and logos are immediately recognisable. Ahead of major product launches, the tension is hyped up through the release of new stills showing design innovations. As the company itself states, its badges are recognised worldwide and they provide "clear direction on where to go to buy compelling content".

Demand-based marketing

Apple recognises the importance of demand when it comes to marketing, and so goes to great lengths to showcase how one of its devices can add value to a person's life. For example, iPhones can offer a number of advantages over other smartphones because of the associated technology. This, combined with high quality design and performance, has ensured the brand is always developing.