Investor Relations and Communications job market: The four key industry trends

October 8, 2019

We have taken a look back over 2019 to pull out four key trends in hiring and professional development, we envisage that these are patterns that we will see last throughout 2020.​

  1. The integration of communications has been talked about extensively over the last quarter, the way that employees talk about the organisation they work for is increasingly seen as a means of external communication. As a result the alignment of messaging across different platforms and different audiences is being looked at in an even more holistic way. 
  2. The last 12 months and beyond have seen that businesses are increasingly going through periods of flux and change. This has meant that internal communications roles have seen a steer towards change communications and less on the BAU side of things. Change and transformation roles having typically been hired in on a contract basis, and remain to be, but we have observed that there is an increasing need for this experience on permanent hires as well. 
  3. There has also been an increase in organisations building out a content newsroom, operating much like a press office and servicing all online platforms. This is being done so that organisations can communicate externally using their own tone of voice, whilst developing an impactful online presence. 
  4. We have seen a rise in demand for organisations to communicate their CSR and diversity and inclusion strategies. This has meant that across all functions, communications, IR and government affairs there has been an uptake in hiring CSR and diversity and inclusion professionals into their teams.

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