Webinar: What do businesses want from their marketing people in 2023?

Event date/time: Thu, 15 June 2023 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm BST

In 2023, businesses are likely to expect even more from their marketing people. Join our webinar to explore the changing landscape of marketing, PR and digital – and how technology, recruitment and upskilling their people can help businesses navigate this year’s trends.

Introducing Holly Harvey  

We are excited to host a webinar alongside Holly Harvey, Managing Director from Redmond Harvey – an award winning, full-service communications agency with a no-nonsense approach to marketing and communications. 

Holly has over 15 years of deep-rooted experience across both large agency and in-house communications. She brings extensive expertise from a range of sectors including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), beauty and luxury, top-level government, financial services, and real estate. 

Why join us? 

Marketing people are expected to wear multiple hats: from marketeers to event managers, PR experts, in-house IT fixers, HR professionals, in-house comedians, team moral builders, social secretaries, graphic designers and social media wizzes.  

There is an overwhelming expectation for one person to perform this many functions. And while there is more expectation for marketeers to cross up to four job roles at a time, there is no expectation from these companies to match the salaries of four job roles. 

Holly will explore a range of topics and trends that are dominating the marketing industry this year: 

  • Data-driven decision making  
  • Customer-centric mindset 
  • Integrated marketing  
  • Creativity and innovation 
  • Adaptability and agility 
  • Cross-functional collaboration 
  • Ethical and transparent practices 

Some businesses consider marketing a luxury, but in a post-pandemic world marketing has never been more important. 


Holly Harvey

Managing Director
Redmond Harvey

Andy Irvine

Associate Director
Carter Murray