International Women’s Day webinar: “Find your voice”

Event date/time: Fri, 8 March 2024 9:30 am - 10:30 am GMT

To celebrate International Women’s Day as part of The SR Group, we hosted a webinar called “Find your voice”. The session delved into the challenges and triumphs that women encounter as they navigate through male-dominated industries and companies.

We explored the barriers hindering women from expressing their voices, the pivotal role organisations can play in fostering empowerment and practical strategies for women to overcome obstacles and confidently assert themselves. Areas that we covered include:

  • Why do women, in particular, find it difficult to speak up in their organisation?                       
  • In what ways do cultural or societal norms impact a woman’s ability to find and express her voice and how can these barriers be overcome?
  • How does intersectionality affect a woman’s journey to finding her voice, and what specific support might be needed for those facing multiple layers of discrimination?
  • What role can organisations and workplaces play in creating an environment where women feel empowered to voice their opinions without fear of judgment or reprisal?
  • What are some effective strategies to empower women to speak up and assert themselves confidently?
  • Why is it important to create a safe space for whistleblowers and what impact does this have on workplace culture?
  • What advice is there for women who face bullying at work and are hesitant to speak up?
  • What advice is there for women who may lack confidence in expressing themselves or fear being dismissed or not taken seriously?

Meet the panellists

becky hewitt obe

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Becky is Kin&Co’s multi-award winning CEO.  She has spent her career campaigning for equality and social change, leading organisational transformation and building high performing, values-led cultures in the commercial and voluntary sectors. 

She is Chair of the ACEVO and NCVO taskforce on the future of Flexible Working, an advisor to the Armstrong Woolfe WCOOC initiative (Women in the COO Community), has received the  Allbright BrightList award for Philanthropy, was recognised as a Charity Times ‘Pandemic Pioneer’ and a CharityComms ‘Inspiring Communicator’, and has an OBE for her services to people with visible differences.

Becky was previously Chief Executive of visible difference charity Changing Faces and Communications Director at Girlguiding – the UK’s largest charity for girls and young women. She has advised many global organisations including the Equal Opportunities Commission, disability charity Scope, and human rights and legal action charity Reprieve.

Boudien Moerman

Head of Commercial Pricing & Strategy
Causeway Technologies
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Boudien is a Commercial Executive and Technology Lawyer, with over a decade of experience in senior leadership roles. She has specialised in technology and complex commercial contracting across the tech sector, leading legal teams through corporate transformation, including M&A and PE events. With a keen focus on ensuring legal is a strategic partner to the business, she advocates lawyers providing thought leadership and strategic decision-making across the organisation, being well-placed based on their expertise and span of involvement and exposure to risks and issues.

An experienced legal leader, Boudien is currently in a commercial pricing role leading the go to market pricing and commercial strategy at Causeway Technologies, a market leader in Construction Tech.  

Sabine Schoute

Shareholder | Partner
Greenberg Traurig LLP
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Sabine heads the Amsterdam Finance & Restructuring Group. She focuses her practice on virtually all types of finance, including general syndicated lending, leveraged finance, corporate finance, property and project finance, and restructurings and workouts. Before joining Greenberg Traurig in 2020, Sabine worked at a large international law and tax firm for almost 10 years during which she spent two years in their New York office.

Sabine, on behalf of GT, is one of the first working group members of the initiative that led to the launch in December 2023 of Code-V, an alliance between the Dutch government, the financial industry and advocacy sectors. This collaboration is committed to promoting equal opportunities for female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Sabine continues to serve as a member of the council that has been appointed to continue the implementation and promotion of Code-V.

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