My #CarterMurrayJourney – Andy Irvine

Author Andy Irvine
July 18, 2022

My recruitment career started in 2010 when I supported local schools recruiting teaching assistants in Kent, before being assigned to the secondary teaching recruitment desk. This was to help provide supply teachers at short notice so the schools could run their timetables with little disruption. I loved the hustle and bustle of daily recruitment, on the phone from six am each morning calling my teachers to see if they could help my clients’ schools.

Since then I have recruited into multiple sectors including construction, office administration, sales and marketing. The latter always appealed to me as it held similarities to my role as a recruitment consultant. We are often involved in the selling and marketing of our own services, so it feels natural to be working with likeminded professionals across this wonderful and very interesting industry sector.

Joining Carter Murray post-pandemic

Carter Murray stood out to me from the moment I was introduced to them. They put people first, are specialists in their field and have a fantastic culture that is great to be a part of. The resources at our disposal are the best I have experienced. Along with the support of an experienced and professional team, this has helped me make a smooth transition into the business.

Joining Carter Murray post-pandemic meant I could enjoy meeting my new team in person and combine this with some focused work from home to get up to speed with the new systems and my new market. We balance hybrid working well, giving us the flexibility to work from home when needed and collaborate in the office. It really helps if you have commitments outside of work when certain days a commute into London can make that tricky. I play football and train several times a week, so it helps me balance this with family life too.

The evolution of working in recruitment

Recruitment has changed a lot over the years – especially in the past couple of years – I believe for the better. From being office bound, Monday to Friday, we can now align our work with the markets we recruit into. This means that if we have client or candidate meetings, these can either be carried out virtually or in-person dependent on the suitability for us and our clients. Working from home you can have a virtual meeting at five pm and know that you won’t be facing a long commute back afterwards. It also softens the blow on any commuting costs which is now more important than ever!

Personally, I feel I am with my family more and able to commit fully professionally when I am in the office. Gone are the days of burning the candle at both ends! My interim recruitment experience over the years has put me in good stead for my role as an Associate Director and I am looking forward to putting this to good use in helping build the interim business for Carter Murray. Timing is everything in the interim market, so I am always connecting with highly skilled and experienced professionals to build this network further and create a supportive business model to offer our clients.

I strongly believe in our temporary staff assisting us to build permanent relationships. If you are looking for your next temporary challenge or are looking to hire top talent to support your team, then please get in touch.

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