My #CarterMurrayJourney – Madeleine Hudson

September 30, 2022

A people-focused career

I have always enjoyed roles that work directly with people.

Growing up, I dreamt of working in the West End. Musical theatre was a passion that I wished to transform into a job, leading me to train in the field. I worked in hospitality while training, but I couldn’t enjoy the flexibility and security that comes with other jobs. My goal was to find something that I would enjoy with plenty of human interaction.

While searching, I was contacted by someone who worked in recruitment within the medical industry. I interviewed and was offered a resourcer role, sourcing candidates to work within primary care. I learned a lot and was promoted to recruitment consultant. I wanted to progress my career at another business, so I reached out to Carter Murray – where a previous colleague had recently joined.

After speaking to the recruitment team, the role itself sounded too good to be true so I wanted to be part of the action and find out for myself. After speaking to Siobhan Kehoe, Jennifer Kyriacou, Wendy Gray and Mark Harris, I was sold.

‘A people facing role and human interaction seemed to be what was destined for me.’

The market that never sleeps

Working in interim means fighting against the clock – you have to sell quickly. Our expertise spans across commerce and industry, government and non-profit, banking and financial services and professional services.

Andy Irvine and I work in interim whilst the other teams work on permanent roles. Interim is fast paced – our day to day varies immensely. The turnaround is faster and comes in three speedy stages. Once we receive a strong CV, the candidate will get an interview, then be offered the job to start ASAP.

‘Working in interim means fighting against the clock – you have to sell quickly’.

Thriving in an adult environment

I’m in a team of skilled specialists with positive attitudes that create a nurturing and adult environment. It is such a breath of fresh air.

Being in a small team means I can learn from my colleagues, helping me get my foot in the industry and understand the market. The competition is healthy within the team – I want to do better for myself and be on the same playing field as my colleagues.

We are driven by wanting to be as good as we can be and encourage one another. As my experience grows, I am treated fairly and given lots of opportunities. When I joined, they were so welcoming and have actively integrated me.

We are driven by wanting to be as good as we can be and encourage one another’.

Living the London life without moving to the city

The hybrid working system brings great flexibility and enables me to see the city without having to move. Every day is different when you’re in the office; you see new faces. Not having to go to the office five days a week is ideal, especially for those with longer commutes like myself or individuals with families. I know that if I wanted more flexibility, it’s always there. We have access to a wealth of remote working tools that ensure working from home is successful. Carter Murray adapts and caters to our needs.

‘I know that if I wanted more flexibility, it’s always there.’

Embrace your unique selling point (USP)

If you’re starting out in the recruitment industry, just be yourself. There are a lot of people who will try to put you in a box. As long as you stay true to who you are, you will thrive in what you do.

Don’t forget that the reason you joined this industry is thanks to your personality so you mustn’t change your essence to be considered. Everyone has their own USP, so don’t lose your true nature.

At the same time, take as much as you can from other people as this can help you on your journey of growth.

‘Everyone has their own USP, don’t lose your true nature’.

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