Australia Marketing and sales salary guide and market trends

Author Pearce Doorley
May 24, 2023

Never has there been a time when organisations have valued their frontline marketing and sales professionals as much as over the last 12-18 months.

2023 promises to be as unpredictable as the last couple of years but marketing and sales candidates are expected to still be in high demand throughout Australia.

We believe that 2023 will be a slightly different market, than what we saw in 2022, and whilst the cost-of-living crisis is a global crisis, we expect the Australian jobs market to perform strongly compared to that of the markets in Europe and the US.

Our report aims to provide marketing, sales and business development professionals and business leaders with valuable insights into the current state of the market in Australia. We have gathered data from various industries, job roles and levels of experience to create a comprehensive salary guide that reflects the latest market trends.

We invite you to download the complete report by filling in the form below, or for an in-depth discussion on any of the material in the report please contact one of our Carter Murray Australia consultants.


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