Volunteer Network

June 8, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted every aspect of life in the UK and affected almost every industry. For the charity sector in particular, however, Covid-19 has been catastrophic. As a result of the lockdown and social distancing, charities have had to cancel fundraising events, close charity shops and suspend volunteering efforts; moves which the National Council for Voluntary Organisations estimate will cost the sector £4.3bn in just the first 12 weeks of the crisis. Simultaneously, demand for charity services have spiralled as those who were already struggling financially, emotionally or in terms of health were hit by the impact of the restrictions and the ability to deliver services was hampered. Carter Murray is committed to helping the charity sector during this difficult time through our Volunteer Network, as part of our Social Purpose programme, which you can find out more about here.

The Carter Murray has been operating an active volunteer network for the last 18 months, in partnership with Reach, the leading skills-based volunteering charity in the UK, to connect Marketing & Communications professionals who want to give their time and skills to small charities to make a difference.

“Charities have never needed more support than they do now. Many charities have experienced big increases in demand for their services, at the same time, their income has been badly hit. In addition to these two challenges, they need to do new things like move their services online, and adapt to rapid changes in the wider world.  Your professional skills in finance, marketing and communications and HR are invaluable to charities in these turbulent times.” Janet Thorne, CEO, Reach

Candidates and clients, with more than three years’ professional experience, are invited to join the network. Each month we’ll share with you the latest trusteeship and volunteering opportunities to choose from and we can connect you to Reach to help you find the right charity to help. Last year Reach made over 1900+ matches which made a significant contribution to the charity sector.

Currently Reach has over 900 volunteering opportunities for you to choose from, ranging from occasional volunteering to short-term project work and permanent trusteeships. If you would like to join Carter Murray Volunteer Network please contact one of the team or email socialpurpose@thesrgroup.com