Resources for Neurodiversity Celebration Week

März 9, 2023

This week March 13-19 marks Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an annual event shining a light on diversity, challenging misconceptions, and providing information on neurodiversity. At Carter Murray, we strive to help shape a workforce that is diverse, equitable and inclusive wherever you are in the world – supporting all diversity in the workplace and striving for people to be their true selves. We have compiled a post of top inspiration to guide you on ways of supporting Neurodiversity in the workplace.  


Books are a great way of helping your cognitive development and taking a breather from bright screens. There are books available showcasing ways of supporting Neurodiversity in the workplace through lived experiences and case studies. These books will challenge your misconceptions, enable you to learn more about yourself and ultimately assist you when it comes to hiring talent. They are also available in audiobook form, for those who prefer to consume content in this way. 

Dive deep into our top recommendations on Neurodiversity and nourish your mind with inspirational literature.  

  1. Neurodiversity in the Workplace: Interests, Issues, and Opportunities – by Susanne M. Bruyère, Adrienne Colella 
  2. Neurodiversity at Work – by Amanda Kirby and Theo Smith 
  3. Wired Differently – 30 Neurodivergent People You Should Know: (Illustrated edition) – by Joe Wells  
  4. The Diversity Bonus – by Scott E Page  
  5. The Neurodiverse Workplace: An Employer’s Guide to Managing and Working with Neurodivergent Employees, Clients and Customers – by Victoria Honeybourne 
  6. The Power of Neurodiversity – by Thomas Armstrong, PhD 


It’s no secret that videos are an easy way of digesting information preferred by people who seek ways of processing larger amounts of information in a shorter space of time. Videos provide aesthetically pleasing content and are becoming the leading source of information. Platforms such as YouTube enable us to navigate through such valuable content and broaden our understanding of notions that we come across every day.  

Discover our top videos on Neurodiversity, get comfortable and grab your favourite selection of tea.   

  1. Neurodiversity Panel | Oxford Union
  2. Neurodiversity: the untapped competitive advantage | Andrew Pfeiffer
  3. Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated, Not Treated as a Disorder
  4. What is neurodiversity?
  5. What is Dyslexia?  
  6. What is Autism?  
  7. What is ADHD? 
  8. Can you see me? „Delphine“   
  9. What is OCD?
  10. The power of neurodiversity in the workplace   


Podcasts strike a chord with listeners giving them the ability to immerse themselves in topics delivered in bite-sized chunks. Podcasts are a great multitasking tool if you can’t set aside time to open a new book or start a video. You only need your ears for a podcast meaning they can accompany you during your early morning commute or your research. 

Tune in to engaging podcasts and stay entertained whilst you’re on the go. 

  1. Neurodiversity: a Vital Aspect of Workplace Inclusion | Podcast | CIPD
  2. The Neurodiversity Podcast
  3. The Neurodivergent Woman Podcast (
  4. Podcast: Neurodiversity in the Workplace – Inclusive Employers 
  5. Neurodiversity at Work – HBR
  6. The AIQ Podcast: Embracing neurodiversity at work – Aviva Investors 

People to follow on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a ground-breaking social media platform in the workplace. It hosts over 500 million professionals and has an unlimited supply of knowledge, connections and resources. It is also full of inspirational individuals and Neurodiversity advocates that you can follow. 

Here is a selection of the many faces of inspiration for Neurodiversity.  

  1. Krystle McGilvery, ACMA CGMA, MSc., MiP – Founder and Podcast Host
  2. Melanie (Osborne) Francis Chartered FCIPD – Neurodiversity champion and speaker
  3. Amelia Platton – Neurodiverse Lawyer 
  4. Nik Govier  – Founder and CEO at Blurred, Management and Comms Consultancy 
  5. Anthony Friel – Senior consultant at Deloitte 
  6. Cathy Brown, FRSA – CEO at Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs 

Online communities and events 

A great way of educating yourself on Neurodiversity is connecting with individuals from the community and taking part in events that could change the way you think. Socialising and going out of your comfort zone will enable you to network and align with brilliant minds. 

You can join a group and clear your diary – to not miss out on these upcoming events.  

  1. 2023 Events Schedule – Neurodiversity Celebration Week 
  2. Neurodiverse Student Support – Neurodiversity Hub
  3. The Donaldson Trust 
  4. Matthew Syed talks Cognitive Diversity: Why It’s Crucial and How to Achieve it – Frazer Jones 


Articles allow us to relay information to our audience, providing insights, results and broadcasting personal lived experiences. Many of the top resources to educate yourself on Neurodiversity are in article form and free to read online. 

Investigate what top platforms publish on Neurodiversity and widen your knowledge with our selection.   

  1. Neurodiversity in the workplace – Gateley
  2. Neurodiversity in the workplace: Why it matters | Culture Amp
  3. Neurodiversity And The Workplace – Forbes
  4. How to commission services for supporting neurodiversity at work – Business Disability Forum 
  5. Neurodiversity in the workplace – GOV.UK
  6. Managing Neurodivergent Employees – LinkedIn 

At Carter Murray, we like to ensure that celebration weeks are ongoing and part of our history, present and future. Therefore, the content of this article will be updated throughout the year. Stay tuned for new sources of inspiration in celebration of Neurodiversity.