The Client

Vanguard is the second largest asset management firm globally speaking and of the leading providers of passive investment management.  It is also one of the leading providers of ETF management and globally recognised as one of the leading, specialist investors in this space.  Vanguard have revolutionised the asset management world, offering market leading management fees for retail investors across the market’ passive fund offering.

Client’s Need

Having helped grow the institutional team here in London, Vanguard engaged with Carter Murray to redefine and grow out the UK Marketing space across their intermediary and retail propositions.  Following the hire of the UK Marketing head, the firm decided to build out the business and hire a senior marketing manager to lead tactical and strategic marketing for the business.

As many who know Vanguard know well, the culture piece is extremely prominent in all hiring that they undertake across the business.  This being a new in the business, coupled with the quite select experience across both the marketing and client streams, the search was fairly specific in its ask.  Although a “complication” many would like to have, Vanguard’s reputation and standing in the market ensured that interest in the role was overwhelming, meaning the team had to have a very strong appreciation of the business, wider team and specific requirements of the new business Head. 

Our Solution

Carter Murray worked closely with the UK Distribution team to identify competencies and soft behaviours required for the role.  The process approach was very much guided by the competencies and skill set outlined by the business stakeholders.  The team mapped Vanguard’s competitors in the asset management space, detailing those with specific fund competencies and experience and those considered leaders amongst their peers in their field, at this level.  Carter Murray assessed and interviewed each candidate, cross referencing identified skill sets as and when necessary.

The Result

Having reviewed 8 profiles, Vanguard took 4 candidates to initial stages, 2 to final stages and 1 to offer stage, who, despite various offers, was delighted to progress their career at Vanguard.  It was clear that Carter Murray’s appreciation of Vanguard’s ethos, culture and unique position in the market led to the successful hire.