Video and telephone interviews: A simple guide

Video and telephone interviews: A simple guide

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Whilst there are certain things to consider when interviewing via video conference or telephone, the most important to remember is that it is still an interview so preparation remains key! We have create a simply and helpful guide for you should you be interviewing remotely. To download the full guide, please fill in your details below.

A few of our practical tips include:

  • Testing your technology in advance. Make sure that everything is working properly – your computer (your battery)/mic/webcam and ensure that if you need to download software you have done so in advance and undertaken a trial log in.
  • Choose your background, camera position and lighting carefully.
  • Dress for a face to face interview! You will feel more confident and prepared for the unexpected.
  • Print off your CV and the job spec and have a pen and paper handy for taking notes as well as a glass of water. 
  • Choose a room that will be distraction and noise free – ensure you will not be disturbed by family/pets/ringing phones etc

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