Middle East Investor Relations Practitioners Survey 2019/20: The IR remit/role and skills gap

Middle East Investor Relations Practitioners Survey 2019/20: The IR remit/role and skills gap

Debbie Nathan Investor Relations, Market Insight

Below is an extract from the the 2019 MEIRA Practitioners Report produced in conjunction with Carter Murray is a leading report in the region.  The report looks at the survey results to identify trends in career backgrounds and aspirations, skills required and the remuneration of IR professionals. To access the full report, please complete the form below.

Quite surprising is the lack of access IROs have to the Board. 37% of IROs said they do not have access (31% in 2018). Only 31% had access on a regular basis, slightly down on last year of 36%. A huge part of the success of an IR programme is a two-way communication and dialogue – not only for IROs to take to the market the investment case and equity story, but also to bring back market

intelligence to the management and Board on what the analysts and investors are thinking. This dialogue is critical to ensure transparency and to gain trust.

Somewhat encouragingly though is that 81% felt management or the Board valued the IR function, which is a great achievement, in line with last year.

Just under a third of respondents report to the CFO, with a further 26% reporting directly into the CEO demonstrating the seniority and importance of this function.

65% of IR professionals also have responsibility for other areas and have a hybrid role. This is very common where talent is transitioning from other areas within a business such as finance, communications, corporate development and it often plays well to people’s strengths and allows breadth within a role. Some smaller companies may not have such an active IR programme that warrants a fulltime individual solely on IR.

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