Professional Services Marketing Global Insight Report

Professional Services Marketing Global Insight Report

Professional Services Marketing Global Insight Report

Stuart Lang Market Insight

We live in exciting if uncertain times. Professional services firms are establishing a global footprint, forging relationships with the world’s biggest and most interesting organisations, and providing challenge and stimulation for an international workforce.

Yet, the promise and benefits of globalisation are being tested by isolationist and protectionist tendencies from the United States and beyond. The United Kingdom’s imminent departure from the European Union is feeding ambiguity not just within the UK, but also for all those who deal with and across the continent of Europe. The orthodoxies of universal business and trade are being tested again and again.

Meanwhile, the march of technological progress offers both transformational change and reason to pause. Digital technologies are arming you and your clients with unprecedented data and intelligence to make better decisions, faster. They are helping you understand customers and forge relationships like never before. Technological advances including Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence promise
to alter the execution and delivery of business but also pose uncomfortable questions about traditional business partnerships and workplace expectations. And they introduce complexity that many are not yet ready to embrace.

It is against this backdrop that Carter Murray commissioned this report into global professional services marketing. Designed to understand the changing needs of professional services firms – from international law firms to global accountancy and management consultancies, and beyond – it takes an in-depth look into the evolving role of marketing and business development. It explores how these two interdependent functions continue to fulfil their mission: to increase demand and shorten the sales cycle.

The report seeks to uncover the changing needs of professional services firms in 2018; the skillsets required of those working – or seeking to work – in marketing and business development roles; and the need for both sector and international experience in fulfilling those roles.

Quantitative survey results are fused with qualitative interviews with senior marketing and BD professionals to gain greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced.

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