Using LinkedIn for marketing. Top tips for marekting professionals

Using LinkedIn for marketing

Using LinkedIn for marketing

Emma Jerome Market Insight

Would you like an easy way to connect with one-third of the world's professionals?

If the answer is yes - and why wouldn't it be? - then you need to make sure you are using LinkedIn for marketing purposes. 

The world's largest professional network has over 300 million members and content now garners six times more engagement than jobs properties, highlighting the opportunity facing brands who can perfect their strategy.

Indeed, 91 per cent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, which puts it ahead of all other social media channels. But how can companies make sure they are getting the most out of LinkedIn? Follow our top tips.

Embrace the power of LinkedIn groups

Joining LinkedIn groups offers organisations a really effective way of promoting their brand and making valuable connections. Moreover, it will give them an understanding of what other professionals in their sector are talking about. However, just because there are hundreds of seemingly relevant groups, this does not mean you should join them all. Instead, select a few that can add real value to your brand presence and take an active role in them, be it by starting discussions or generally making your presence felt online. Remember, it's best to be seen as a thought leader in these groups.  

Consider display advertising

A combination of push and pull marketing offers companies the best chance of reaching their target audience. Display ads give organisations the opportunity to push, and these can be placed on profile pages, home pages, inboxes, search results pages and groups pages. Moreover, the LinkedIn Premium Display Advertising option allows marketers to deliver insights and information to a specific group of people. According to recent research by the professional network, 44 per cent of respondents are planning to integrate display ads with social media, while 28 per cent are already doing so. 

Take advantage of the LinkedIn publishing platform

Up until earlier this year, LinkedIn restricted blog access to a select few, who were termed influencers - Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington are among the famous professionals to have published content under this system. However, long-form publishing has now been opened to all members, as long as they fill out a short form first. Getting articles published on this platform means they could be viewed, liked and shared by millions of people, significantly expanding the reach of your brand in the process. Figures from LinkedIn show that these posts bring an average of 80 comments and 250 likes. However, do not use this platform to publish any old generic article, as this should only be saved for the absolute best content to increase the chances of it being well received. 

Always be telling a story

When posting a new company update, consider the storytelling aspect of each blog. You should always be telling your audience something that is new, exciting and, most importantly of all, shareable. Regardless of what the actual content of the post is, remember to relate it back to your audience, customers and clients, as this is a great way to keep them involved in the process and demonstrate value. Moreover, any calls to action within the update have to feel natural and justified, as this is the best way to get a greater level of buy-in from the reader. If you're struggling for inspiration, consider the efforts of Apple, which has been voted as the best brand storyteller two years in a row by Aesop thanks to its ability to build hype and intrigue around its products.