About Retail in Dubai

Dubai competes with London, Paris and New York on the global retail stage, with the UAE being the second most brand-soaked region in the world after London. The city’s Mall of the World is under development, while its reputation in the fashion industry continues to attract in foreign investment and expansion.

Fashion and retail is ingrained in Dubai’s culture: glamorous events are packed with style bloggers and its shopping festival runs throughout January, providing an annual boost in tourism and revenue for retailers. Those living in Dubai certainly have a taste for luxury, and shoppers looking for a high-end experience frequently jet in to experience the retail haven.

While Dubai is the most established - and perhaps most westernised - city in our region, there are still many cultural differences that companies launching ventures in the UAE need to be aware of. Due to our extensive experience in the region, Carter Murray is able to inform retail groups, and those moving out to the UAE for work, of important aspects of UAE culture, from office etiquette to daily life.