Carter Murray & Next Money @ MasterCard (DIC)

Carter Murray was delighted to attend the most recent Next Money event on the 7th September in Dubai Internet City.

Next Money Logo - CM Dubai

The event focused on three panellists who are all successful female leaders in the fintech sector. They discussed a range of topics including financial inclusion, changes in consumer payment behaviours, the future of banking in the Middle East.

The panellists:
Ambareen Musa from Souq Almal
Nihal Abughattas from Temenos
Micaela Fiorito from Beam Wallet

The event was moderated by Claire Sharrock, Managing Editor at 7 Days.

Key Points from the event were:
• Fintech has a broad definition and is collaborating with incumbent businesses as well as disrupting them
• Regulation in the region can slow progress for start up’s given its complexity and ability to change rapidly
• Cash flow is a concern for start-up fintech business in the Middle East much like the rest of the world
• Despite all that the demographics in the region (40% Millennial, high smart phone penetration) mean that companies can succeed where they delight their customers