The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the beautiful

We asked the leading General Counsel what they think about law firm marketing and their candid responses have now been published. The results outline what the corporates/ banks like and don't like. It's raw, honest and hopefully useful.

Carter Murray is the marketing recruitment arm of The SR Group. Taylor Root is also a member of The SR Group and is the leading recruitment firm placing lawyers into corporates and financial services organisations. Using Taylor Roots extensive contacts at the General Counsel level, we asked them what they felt about law firm marketing.

This report outlines:

  • What clients recognise as marketing;
  • What law firm marketing works for you;
  • What law firm marketing doesn't work for you;
  • 10 ways to lose a client;
  • 10 ways to win a client;
  • Conclusions and advise for marketing professionals.

Complete your details below for your free copy of the full report. If you have any feedback or would like to discuss the report in more detail, please contact Nick Root.

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