Corporate Responsibility

CR Policy

The Carter Murray (part of The SR Group) Corporate Responsibility (CR) programme is an integral part of the foundations of our Group.

The programme is centred on our corporate philosophy and outlines how we encourage responsible actions in every employee, both through delivery of business services and within the wider community.

We divide CR into four categories, each of which influences the way we engage with clients, candidates and colleagues:

  • Charity
  • Diversity
  • Environment
  • Community

We are confident that commitment to our programme ensures a strong business relationship with all parties over the long term. As part of our wider CR commitment, we consistently adopt the most progressive recruitment methods and invest them with traditional values of honesty, commitment and professionalism.

We self-regulate our CR activity, monitoring and ensuring adherence to ethical and cultural standards and legislation internationally. We embrace responsibility for any impact our activities have on any parties of the public.

For more information on the Group's CR Policy, please contact our team

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Anthony Davies, Client Services Director

Carter Murray